Wednesday, April 2, 2014

S.O.A.P Panel Scents 3 & 8

Yep, still here. These past couple weeks have been busy. Between the Symposium, company, my trip to Nashville, work being super task filled, and Hayden's and my weird hours, I have had almost zero brain power to write a blog post. But I am here now, so that counts, yes?

These are a couple more soaps I made for the S.O.A.P Panel before the deadline in the beginning of March. I used Scents 3 (a very sophisticated, feminine, almost perfume-y scent which I love) and 8 (the masculine scent). (My post on the other scents.) The recipe was the same for both scents (see below), I just made a 2 lb batch and divided it into 4 equal parts (as I was making duo colored soaps for each scent).

The actual soap turned out perfectly. Neither scent accelerated trace or caused any other problems. Scent 3 is a little weaker than I would have liked after a full 6 week cure, but it is still noticeable, and I still like it a lot. Scent 8, the masculine scent, is still strong after cure, and I like it even better in the finished soap.

My only issue with these soaps are the coloring. I went for blue and gray in the masculine soap as, of course, I was mulling over Sherlock Metas in my head, and I was thinking about how much I love the blue scarf/gray overcoat combo. The colors were vivid in the batter but dulled after curing. I think I need to start adding more than what I initially think I need with colorants as the lye can just fade them during the set up and cure. The colorants used were Natural Brazilian Clay and Blue Oxide. For feminine scent, I used my normal Titanium Dioxide/Olive Oil mixture for the white, and Aqua Pearl mica from Bramble Berry for, what I was hoping, would be a bright turquoise, but again, the color faded a bit. As I have said before, color is definitely a learning curve in soap making. I feel fairly confident in everything else, but color seems to still, be hit or miss.

Recipe for both scents:

  • Castor oil - 10%
  • Coconut Oil, 76 Degrees - 25%
  • Cocoa Butter - 5%
  • Olive Oil - 30%
  • Palm Oil - 30%
  • 1 TBSP Shredded Loofah
  • 2 tsp Sodium Lactate
My next soap, possibly this weekend, is going to be a hot process Oatmeal, Milk and Honey with actual milk and honey. And, keeping with my Sherlock obsession, I have started on a new cross stitch project which is a lovely trio of B&W portraits of my favorite boys. :)

Off to bed now though, after I do my nails, as I have almost a 9 hours roundtrip drive for a 5 hour meeting. Yes, 9 hours. Bleh.

What are you working on?


  1. Very pretty swirls, Sue! These were my top two favorite scents. I looooove Scent #8! And Scent #3 smelled just like honeysuckle to me. I hope that BB decides to carry both of them!

    1. I totally agree, I loved both of these and would hate to think those SOAP Panel bottles were all I could get of these!

  2. I know you wanted brighter colors, but I think these colors are lovely! Hope you're doing well :)

    1. Thanks Karla!! I am well, just sooooo busy right now!! :)


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