Saturday, March 1, 2014

SmaskBook & Window Decals - Sherlock Style

Wow. It's been almost two weeks since my last post, and this time I don't even have the Bar Exam to blame it on. Yes, I can blame it on a few days down with a bad back, which was followed by a few days with a (still lingering) sinus infection, but still, that's a long time.

I think the main thing is that I am feeling, for the first time since I threw myself bodily into the creative game, like I am in a complete rut, or my mojo is gone, or something. I look at my fabric, at my papers, at the emails I get from shops, at my Pintrest boards, and nothing is inspiring me. Bleh. Not enjoying this at all! I think I am going to let it work it's way through though. Perhaps my brain need a creative break to recharge, and I am going to do my best to give it to it, unless something grabs me, like the following two things did.

I have mentioned I am fully in the grips of a Sherlock obsession. I have a tumblr account just so I can giggle over gifs, I have a Pintrest board, I am reading fanfic, and articles about the actors. Not since I got swept up in Harry Potter have I obsessed over fictional characters like this.

While kicking around on the internet, I started saving photos from the show that I liked, and then I had to do something with them other than let them sit in my downloads folder. So, wanting a slightly bigger canvas than normal, I pulled out the large purple SmashBook I got on clearance a few months ago. As an aside, this is my favorite SmashBook. I love the size, the papers in it, and how they have put some pocket pages for photos or journaling cards, envelopes for ephemera, and other little additions not found in the regular size books. Honestly, I wish they made all of them this size.

Anyhoo, I made a little page about my new favorite show. The main photo is a print of the wall in 221b Baker street complete with spray painted smiley face (which I poked holes into for the bullet holes) and Skull poster. Behind the key and the wallpaper print is some hidden journaling, and then of course, it is all photos of the two lovelies that grace the screen, Sherlock and John *le fangirl sigh*.

Not to be stopped there though, I also found some lovely vinyl car decals I wanted while poking around. But, who needs to buy things when you can make them yourself right? Using one of the png's I found on the net, I used some vinyl and my Silhouette Cameo to make a "Moriar Tea- That's what people brew" and a "JohnLock" (yep, that's my ship) decal for my car.

Made my whole nerdy day.

The top decal could have cut a little cleaner, but I didn't worry too much because I am wondering, since the vinyl is home decor vinyl from Hobby Lobby, how it will stand up to weather. They have been on for about 4 days and are looking good. I am going to give it about another month (and a few good southern thunderstorms) to see if they continue to look good. If so, I will most likely make another Tea decal and try to get it to cut a little cleaner.

So, with my fickle creative muse hiding from me (although I have been thinking of writing again, fanfic to blame!), posting may be a little more sporadic for a while, possibly once a week I hope, more if I find where she is hiding. (I have set out traps for her using coffee and chocolate, but I fear she is smarter than me.)

But, I have to ask, have any of you just completely lost your creative juice before? How long did it last? Did you ride it out, or did you make yourself at least try to make things to jump start it. I would love to hear :)


  1. Cool decal and SmashBook page, Sue! I have heard good things about "Sherlock" but I haven't watched it yet. Sorry to hear that you've been sick - maybe that's why your creative mojo has faded. It'll come back. And sometimes we all need a break. Sometimes if I'm in a rut, I'll go through my to-try list and pick out a soaping technique that I've been meaning to attempt.

    1. Jenny, if you do watch Sherlock, be prepared, it will suck you in!


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