Friday, March 7, 2014

An Absent Muse Makes for an Awesome Workout Buddy

One of the trails I run on at the local park.
Hello! As promised, even though my muse is still out visiting other people, I still have a post. I had said I will try to post at least once a week, and I am going to try to stick to it, although, since I am not making anything right now (I do have a few unposted soaps), I really don't know what the posts will be about. But we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

But yes, I still am trying to find the creative energy to make something (besides the soap for the SOAP Panel) lately, and have been for about a month now. I thought I might try to force it, because I want to keep the blog active and keep the few readers I have entertained. Forcing it is not the answer though, I don't think. When I try to , tell myself I have to make something to put on a blog post, nothing happens. All of a sudden it feels more like a job instead of something I do because I want to do it, or I need to do it, for my peace of mind. That is something I definitely do not want my creative time to become, something I have to do instead of wanting to do. So, I am assuming that my brain/muse/creative side just needs a break. Since my second year in law school I have been barreling through the creative world, learning a new hobby, going nuts with it, and then learning the next. Always making something while planning the next two projects in my head. It has been the perfect de-stressor, something to make my brain stop ticking through work to do lists, various issues I worry about (the downfall of Type A's), and all the other things that float through my head. It kept me sane during my husband's depression, law school, work and studying for the bar exam. But, right now,  I think I just need a reset, a complete creative shut down for a while to let myself regroup and refresh. Just some time to look at pretty things on Pintrest, read Sherlock FanFic, and let all these little inspirations just muck around in the back of my head till something pops out.

The good news is that my little creative funk is giving me the time to focus on something else as equally as important, my health. My smoking is down to just a few a day, usually at night after work (the stress of the job promotion still being up in the air is a large part of this). I have lost appx 15lbs. And, most awesomely, I am working out regularly again. Not just a few little walks just so I can say I did something, but strength and aerobic sessions that leave me out of breath, all sweaty, and sore the next day. I totally forgot how much I, dare I say, missed, those. The absolute feeling of accomplishment and power rushing through me when I drag my out of shape body through one of those like I did today.

Tomorrow I plan on trying to start running again. I actually miss running. I can't believe I said that but it's true. I hate it when I am doing it, but it always amazes me when I do it, because when I started working out in 2009 I could barely run for 10 seconds. Not an exaggeration at all. By 2011, I ran a 5k. Me, a 5K. At this point I am not sure if I will be able to run one of those any time soon. My bad leg always gives me trouble if I push myself to much, and of course, one wrong move can make my back go out for weeks at a time. But, I do want to try to build my strength in my core and my leg back up (which I think will help with the nerve problems and back issues), so I am starting from the beginning. I am not going to try to run like I was pre-leg issues. I am going to go back to my little Couch to 5K app, and start like I did when I could barely run for those dreadful, painful 10 seconds. I am going to continue my kick boxing and strength work outs and savor the feeling of sore muscles. I am going to continue to work on my smoking habit. And hopefully, soon, all of this exercise will kick start my muse, or at least give me stamina to chase her down and kick box her into submission.

What is going on with you guys lately?


  1. Sorry to hear that your creative muse has not yet returned, Sue, but congrats cutting back on the smoking, working out more, and getting back into running! My hubby helped get me into running and I've been doing it for 14 years now (and, boy, are my legs tired, hahaha!). Running is something I never would have guessed I'd get into because as a kid I couldn't even run half a lap around the track. Yoga is something I try to do once or twice a week, too, to stretch and balance everything out. I haven't tried kick boxing, but it sounds fun. I hope you find your muse soon. Looking forward to hearing more about how your journey is going, and seeing your unposted soaps!

    1. "And boy are my legs tired"

      That made my day :)

      I am enjoying having my focus turned back onto my health for a bit, I have really forgotten how much fun it is to exercise until you are a pitiful, sweaty mess on the floor. Who knew it could feel sooooo good??? I didn't!


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