Thursday, February 20, 2014

Testing S.O.A.P. Panel Scents 5 & 6

Hi again! Sorry for the time away. I had a long stretch of work days and my back acted up putting me completely out of commission for anything but work. Plus, while I was laid up, I discovered Sherlock on the BBC. I am in the grips of a full on obsession with the show and characters, so much so I am even reading the fanfic for it. It still surprises me when I go even further down the geeky rabbit hole, but makes quite a lovely distraction.

I was planning on posting this Tuesday, and getting even more soap made yesterday, but neither of those things happened. I did something I very rarely do, usually because I just can't make it through a day without having my hands in at least two creative projects. I actually took both days, my two days off from work, completely off. I made nothing, I planned nothing, I did nothing. I read fanfic and just let my brain completely shut off. Very restful.

Over the past couple weeks, I was able to do a couple batches of soap for the SOAP Panel scents. One being Scent 5, the garden scent (Note to Jenny, the scent did die down quit a bit, especially after rebatching), and Scent 6, the one that reminded me of Fuzzy Navels, a distinct peachy scent. (My post about my first impressions of the scents is here.)

I did Scent 6 as a Hot Process batch, and it came out lovely at first. The color was nice, and the scent came out strong, but not too strong. The only issue I had while cooking was the oils separating on me, but I think that was because I had the crockpot on too high. I was able to stick blend it back together quite quickly. But, I didn't add sodium lactate, so even after 1 week of being out of mold and cut, it still was soft with a spongy like texture. The actual look of the soap really didn't change much between either the look of it after HP it, or after rebatching. The photo is pre-rebatch.

For Scent 5, I tried out my cylinder mold from Bramble Berry and did an In the Pot Swirl Technique with green and white. The for my first attempt at this technique I was very impressed with the swirl, but this soap had problems too. I was expecting some acceleration of trace as it was a more floral scent so I mixed the lye and oils together at much lower temps (appx 120 degrees for the lye, 90 degrees for the oil), and used a whisk to mix in the colors and the fragrance. I didn't get any trace problems, but after pouring into the mold, the batter, and mold, kept getting warmer and warmer until the top cracked. Then, even after a week, it still was soft at the bottom. So, to solve both of the soap batches issues, I rebatched both, adding lactate to both.

I was hoping that some of the color differentiation in the garden scent would stay, but since I am a chronic stirrer of anything cooking in a pot, it basically tuned into a uniform green color with just a few flecks of white, which I still actually like a lot. And the look is so smooth, like cream (well except for the air pockets).The peach scent lost the majority of the spongy texture, but is still a little softer than my other HP soaps.

I am planning on doing two more batches this Sunday if I can tear myself away from Sherlock long enough (haha). I am also, for my scrappy and paper crafting readers, hoping to do a SmashBook page either about my new found obsession or a photo I found on the internet of the old theater I went to see movies in as a kid. Knock on wood :)

Oh, and before I go, here are the recipes I used:

Scent 5 - Garden Scent

  • Castor Oil - 5%
  • Coconut Oil, 76 Degree - 25%
  • Palm Oil - 30%
  • Rice Bran Oil - 30%
  • Shea Butter - 10%
  • 1 tsp Kaolin Clay (adds creaminess and slip)
  • 18mL Scent 5
  • 1 tsp Sodium Lactate on rebatching
  • Green Oxide  and titanium dioxide for Color
Scent 6 - Peach Scent
  • Avocado Oil - 5%
  • Castor Oil - 10%
  • Coconut Oil, 76 Degree - 25%
  • Palm Oil - 30%
  • Rice Bran Oil - 30%
  • .5oz Scent 5
  • 6 mL Amber Lab Color
  • 1 tsp Sodium Lacate on rebatching
What is up in your world right now?


  1. These turned out lovely Sue, the peach fragrance sounds so nice! It's so interesting to see how each of these fragrances reacted, which has been your favorite fragrance so far?

    1. So far, I love 5 because I am drawn to the absolute green-ness of it. I adore it. I think I will be making some soap tomorrow with the men's and distinctly, perfume-y scent :)

  2. Beautiful soaps, Sue! I do like Scent #5 better in the finished soap. It seems that the musty notes mellowed out a bit. It's still not my favorite, but maybe it's slowly growing on me. I like #6, too, and I think I like it even better in the finished soap. Looking forward to seeing more of your testing results! I'm working on a big blog post about mine.

    1. Yes, I definitely liked 6 more in the soap because it mellowed it out and took, what seemed to me, faint alcohol notes out of it. I am looking forward to that blog post!


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