Thursday, January 16, 2014

November and December Project Life 2013

Another year finished and I am still loving my Project Life albums. About half way through the year I decided to go from weekly spreads to monthly, and it is working very well for me. Weekly spreads were just too much to keep up with and still have time to do all the other things I want to do with my off time. Monthly spreads allow for more photos, more journaling, and more satisfying scrapping time.

November and December are photo heavy and embellishment light. Like everyone, the holidays are busy for me. I am usually rushing to finish making gifts, work is extra crazy, and I spend the 2 months just trying to keep my head above the water line. But, I am glad to have the pages even if they aren't "pretty." I love the fact that I have a place to put all my little photos of everyday things and tell small stories, leaving the bigger ones for full pages when I am inspired to scrapbook.

I am continuing the monthly spreads into 2014. I have yet to make the title page for the 2014 album, but I am already organizing my pictures and notes for the month of January. I only wish I would have started doing this years ago. All the little memories from our lives that I would love to have in an album :(

Anyway, here are the pages. As I said, they aren't pretty, but they are done. And I know my family members who read this blog will enjoy having a little look.



Are you doing any sort of project for 2014, or setting any crafty goal?


  1. I enjoyed seeing your photos, Sue! Having an album is a great idea. Sometimes I wish that I took more pictures. And these will be really cool to look back on someday.

    1. Thanks Jenny. I only have two albums so far, but I already enjoy looking back through them. Plus, when your husband tries to argue with you about when something happened, you can always pull out the scrapbook to win the day :)


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