Friday, December 27, 2013

Crafty Year in Review 2013

I know I am a few days early, but since I will be working right up through the new year, I thought I would get this out now. :) Hope your Holidays were as awesome as ours was. 


This year wasn't extraordinarily crafty. The majority of it was sucked into the black hole that was the Bar Exam and that meant there wasn't a whole lot of time for making much of anything besides making my hair stand on end.

However, there were a few crafty & vintage highlights from the year. 
  • The first, of course, is my new found passion for making soap. The scents, the colors, the brand newness of it all it so much fun. I am such a newbie at this I am still in the state where I have no clue what the soap is going to look like when it comes out of the mold. It's like Christmas every time I unmold a new loaf.
  • I found my way back to digi scrapping. I got kind of burned out on digi scrapping after I spent over $100 printing out all of 2012's Digital Project Life album. At the time, I liked the feeling of having the completed page to put in my album instantly as I did with paper, and a lot of the digital kits that were coming out were noticeably using the same Commercial Use elements and/or free vintage stock photos, or other things I had seen kicking around online. It seemed a little lazy to me, and I became just completely blah to the whole industry, keeping up with only 2 designers that I liked both their designs and their blogs in general. Then Xmas came, and as usual I made some 8x8 pages for my mom of her visit down here. Bam! Back in love with digi scrapping, only this time I am being particularly mindful of who I am buying from, and supporting this designers that have original kits and very limited CU use.
  • On the vintage side, my Hoosier Cabinet was a definite highlight of the year. I still smile at the it every day, and love seeing my Pyrex and Fire King all snuggled safely together. I get a ton of compliments on it and the collection. I only with it was bigger. You know, to hold more Pyrex.
  • The other big development I had was my decision to really give starting my own hand crafted business a go. Not in a "Oh I sewed these pieces of fabric together, let me put them on Etsy," but in more "let's approach this the right way" type way. I am working on multiple things for the business development such as branding, colors, collections, timelines, goals, and more. I am taking my time and refusing to rush because that the natural tendency I have. Rush, make snap decisions, and then wish I would have done something else later. When Comfits Gift Co. launches later (hopefully, summer at the latest) this year, it will be ready as I can make it. And if it fails, I can say I did everything I could do. 
I have some goals for the new year, and a new word, and I will share that in the next post.  If you have a year end, or beginning for that matter, post you would like to share, please link up in the comments!!


  1. Have a happy New Year, Sue! I hope you have a great 2014 and I wish you all the best with your business and other endeavors. Looking forward to seeing what the new year brings!

  2. I saw lots of crafty stuff on your blog this year. I wish you the best of luck with your business. Love the black background LO :)

    1. Thanks Karla! I am looking forward to trying some black or dark backgrounds with paper as well!


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