Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Vintage In Progress Dining Room

My Pink collection with the little Fire King Tea Cups I collect (I adore those little things!), my Pink Gooseberry fridgie, and my non-vintage pink bird S&P shakers. 
Thought I would share a little of my "in progress" dining room. I have shared my Hoosier cabinet before, but the Pyrex collection it houses has definitely grown over the year I have had it. I have also discovered a love of vintage kitchen linens, as evidenced by the cross stitched table cloth I have on my table (one of two I own) and the pile you can see some of my pyrex sitting on in the cabinet.

Th lighting is always terrible in my dining room, but you can see all my favorite Pyrex, Fire King, and Jadeite pieces. Even my Speedy's mug!
The next thing I want to do in here is make some wall hangings using some vintage fabric I have. I plan on putting it in embroidery hoops to replace those wall sconces that no longer match the room's vibe. I am still trying to decide if I am going to do some embroidering on the fabric or just leave it as is, thinking that if I want to use it later I can just take it out of the hoops. I have a terrible tendency to hoard things like fabric, thinking what if I think of something better later?? Every crafter knows this feeling. Of course, that just means it sits in the drawer, unseen and un-enjoyed. Decisions, right? What would you do?

Again, terrible lighting. This house is literally a black hole 90% of the day. The carafe was bought for the color and print, I am not sure how "vintage" it is, the bowl and butter dish are two of my favorite Pyrex prints, Friendship and Butterprint. The coasters I made using modge podge, scrapbook paper from the Paper Cottage line, and kitchen tiles from Lowes. And, of course, the table cloth was found in an antique shop. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

3 Beauty Products I am Loving Right Now

First things first. In the interest of full disclosure, I do run a Sephora. And some of these products I did get as gratis (the best perk of the job, imo!), but the opinions I am about to state are my own. These are products I actually use daily/weekly, and have bought refills/additional colors with my own money. I am receiving no compensation for the post, nor will I link to these products so no one can accuse me of trying to make myself, or others, money. We all have Google, and I am pretty sure we can all use  it. When the day comes that I leave Sephora, I'll link :)

Anyhoo, on to the the good stuff, huh?

Bare Minerals BareSkin Foundation - I was completely prepared to hate this. I have worn the original mineral powder foundation since 2007, and I loathe liquid foundation. Plus, this has Jojoba Oil in it, which I figured, since I can get a little shiny  as the day progresses, would not be good for my skin. But, in the interest of being able to discuss it with my clients, I tried it. I was instantly hooked. It goes on so smoothly, feels like liquid satin, and has really nice light to medium coverage. It's also a "serum foundation" so it has skincare benefits as well. I personally have noticed that my skin seems smoother and more radiant since I have started using it. I wear a light dusting of my mineral powder over it and it stays all day, looks great, and literally feels like I am wearing nothing. I am on my second bottle already. Lastly, I definitely recommend using the brush that is sold for the foundation. Technically you can use any densely bristled brush, like a contouring brush, but it definitely does not go one as smoothly as it does with the Bare Minerals brush.

Beauty Blender - I scoffed at this little tear drop shaped dynamo when it hit my store. How the mighty fall. This little bugger is so multi-purpose it hurts. I use this to smooth out my BareSkin foundation after applying it to really give it an airbrushed look, I use the fat bottom to apply cream cheek colors and liquid highlighters, and I use the point to make sure areas like the corner of my eyes and nose got makeup applied. the makeup you use it with just blends seamlessly into your skin, looking perfect all day. I like this little thing so much I went out and bought it's baby brothers, the Micro Beauty Blenders to apply concealers and eye creams. Such love, much cuteness.

Formula X Nail Polish - This is Sephora's house brand of nail polish after they stopped carrying OPI. One of the biggest struggles for me and my nails is the amount of hand sanitizer I use on a daily basis at work. It literally eats your manicure off. Before I tried FX the only polish that would stay on my nails was the OPI Gel Shine. It looked great, all thick and shiny, but it had VERY limited colors and removing it did a number on my already weak-ish nails. However, I am super impressed with FX. I can get over a week out of one manicure (using FX Base Coat, 2 coats of color, and one Top Coat) if I am not working, just a little under a week if I am. It dries so quick I can do a complete manicure if I am not getting fancy with multiple colors and statement nails in less time than a Supernatural episode. Plus the color payoff in the polish is superb. You could actually get away with one coat, but I do two for maximum color awesomeness. This brand has completely reawakened the nail polish addict that I am. Seriously, I must have over 100 nail polishes right now. I know people have more, but for me that is a ton!

What are your go to beauty products (prestige or not) and why? I am always looking for someone to enable me to buy more cosmetics.

Or, if no answer to the above question, what are your thoughts on me continuing to do recommendation posts like this? I plan on doing more beauty centered ones, but I will also be sharing books, craft lines, etc. Whatever may be making me giddy that month. Thoughts?

Friday, January 16, 2015

Fan Girl Friday - Sherlock

After cleaning the house, making soap, and getting her exercise on, how does this girl like to unwind?

Drinking the John Watson Blend from the Sherlock Fandom Sampler by Adagio Teas out of my Speedy's cup (complete with spoon nicked by my BFF from the actual Speedy's in London) and reading Sherlock Fanfic.

It's the little things right? Got to get myself caffeine up for a possible bit of scrapping tonight.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Business Update - Holidays and Upcoming Plans

It was a slow season for Comfits this year, something that I did nothing to change, and everything to encourage. No marketing, social media, etc went out past October. However, some friends of mine made a couple large orders, which I was totally thankful for as it allowed my soap to go out to people who might never get to try it.

The response has been excellent so far. People who have received the soap as gifts have contacted me, I have people with custom orders waiting for me to slowly get to them, and I have some new ideas for the shop for the next few months.

When I originally planned out CGC a couple years ago while studying for the Bar Exam, it was going to be more than soap, it was going to be literally a "small gift" company. Hence the tag line "Small Gifts and Other Curiosities." In my haste to get the store online because SO many people were asking where to buy my soap, I dropped the small gifts part for a while. Over the next few months I think I am going to see how that idea works out. I had bought some charms to make some cute bookmarks with themes like Alice in Wonderland, seasons, etc, with plans to make soap to go with them them. I have also been toying with the idea of making fandom soap. Since falling down the fandom rabbit hole myself, I know things that that sell for a niche group (ask me about my Harry Potter and Sherlock Tea). I am also introducing a few soy candles and soy tarts into the shop, along with lotions and scrubs, just to see how everything sells. That is why my Zibbet Shop is called my "test kitchen."

A goal I have this year is to try and grow the business a little. I am not positive that that growth will entail just yet. Growth in number of products I offer? Growth in customer reach? Growth locally into shops? I am still working that one out. My main goal with this was to do everything at my own pace and not to rush in to something because I think thats what I should be doing or because I want to make money. That has always been my mistake in business, and I don't want to make it this time.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Losing Weight One Pound at a Time

L: Me in 2009 at 290lbs, R: Me in November 2014 at 240lbs
I have posted before about my struggle with my weight. Well, it's really not my weight I struggle with, it's more a struggle with not eating all the chocolate in the house and, instead, making myself go take a walk, or do a sit up, or something.

I started losing weight in 2009, and for a couple years I had a really good workout routine going. It completely derailed during my last year in law school and during my first year at Sephora. During 2009-2012 I had lost 50 lbs, and by January of 2014 I had gained 30 of them back. My health was suffering, as was my self esteem.

Last January was also the month I really sunk down into my depression. On one hand I wasn't eating, so I was losing weight, but I knew it was not a healthy weight loss. I slowly started doing some walking again, and some light strength exercises. I couldn't make myself eat normally, but I could try and build up my muscles so as I lost the weight, I would have a strong core underneath it. To my surprise, the exercise had a benefit I didn't even see coming. I credit it with a large part of me pulling out of my depression. My routine went from a 1.5 mile walk with a few free weight reps three times a week, to now, a combination of a 2-3 mile walk with strength training, or kickboxing with weighted gloves and extra hand weights, six days a week. I can see the difference in my body every single day. I feel more confident in myself, I am better mentally and emotionally, and I look completely different at the weight I am now than three years ago when I was at the same weight, but did not focus on strength training as much.

It's not easy. There are days I don't want to track my food to make sure I am not over eating, there are DEFINITELY mornings or afternoons where I would gladly trade my yarn stash to have someone tell me it's ok not to work out that day. Those are the days were I force myself into my workout clothes and into the living room for kickboxing, or out the front door for a walk. I always remind myself how good I'll feel after I am done even though I'd rather be slamming my hand in a car door.

I know a lot of you are making resolutions to get in shape this year, and hopefully this will show you that it is attainable. I still have a lot more weight to lose, but just the change I have seen in myself makes me hope I'll get there. My advice? Start out small, don't make grandiose changes. If you have never worked out, don't think you have to start working out an hour a day, seven days a week. Start with three days a week, possibly with a mile around your neighborhood or local mall. Make small changes to your diet. The changes you see in your health will inspire you to make more, to push a little harder on the next workout, to keep going. You'll miss days sometimes, and you'll have that extra piece of cake. No worries, just get up the next day and try again. No one is keeping score, and everyone is super proud of you!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Posting to Resume Shortly

Well, the last time you heard from me I had big plans to get on a blogging schedule and start posting on a normal basis. I have to say I had every intention of doing so. Right after I wrote that post, our dog, Piggy, got very sick, and two weeks later we ended up having to put him to sleep. It was very sudden and unexpected, and left Hayden and I reeling. That loss coupled with some health issues Hayden was having, and the Xmas season this year (busy at work, and I was SO behind on making Xmas presents!) meant that I had to put something to the side for a little while. Blogging had to be it.

The good news is that things are slowly getting back to normal, and that means I hope to start blogging regularly again. The blog probably will not just be devoted to my crafting. More than likely weight loss progress posts, vintage eye-candy, and random snippets about my current fandom obsessions will also be popping up. Hope there are some of you still out there reading this, and you will enjoy my upcoming content.

Happy New Year! May 2015 be better than 2014!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Setting Up Shop!

Tea Tree and Rosemary Facial Soap
Holy cow, it has been almost a month since I have been on here. What have I been doing you might ask? A lot. I got sick for a week, that was dull, and unproductive. I've been to Nashville twice, first to pick up a motorcycle a friend gave (yes, gave) my husband, second just for fun. I've been super focused on my workout regimen, going seven days a week 95% percent of the past 3 months (getting sick, and a few work days meant missing a couple days here and there), and the results are showing.

But mostly, I have been soaping my tail off because I finally got my soap shop online. I mostly have it for friends and family. Everyone who has gotten a bar of soap from me has come back a week later asking where can they buy it. (I tell everyone I am like a drug dealer, the first hit is free.) So, finally sick of everyone hounding me, I sat down, got my ducks in a row and opened up on Zibbet. I chose Zibbet, because you can, if you choose, sell completely for free. Granted, you have some limits with the free account, such as how many items can be listed per listing, how many items you can sell a month, etc. (I bumped up to the second tier of selling, $5/month as I have already made 4 sales, and if it keeps going I will be going to the $8/month, unlimited account.) But the site is lovely, to look at, the listing is easy, and other than the monthly fee, if you actually use a paid account, there are no listing or final selling fees. Is it as much exposure as Etsy, definitely not, but since this shop is meant for a small group of people, and I am not ready to go whole hog quite yet, Zibbet is perfect.

I go on vacation, and by go, I mean I get to stay home for a week, starting next week for my birthday. While I am home I hope to get some more business work done, some actual non-soap related crafting done, like sewing and scrapping, and get some blog posts planned out so I can get on a regular blogging schedule again. I also need to start planning Christmas presents. Has anyone else even thought of this yet? Please say no.

You can find my shop and the Facebook page by clicking the links, just in case you were interested :)

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